We are four successful, energetic and passionate people who want to help you learn to love and use crypto to your advantage. We have a proven track record and once you speak to us, we are extremely confident you’ll understand why we are different than others. That’s why we encourage joining our free options and booking a free consultation.


Beginners understandably get overwhelemed by crypto. With all of the easily obtained misinformation, getting answers to specific questions can seem impossible. We encourage you to sign up for free so we can send you a useful starter pack (videos to watch, people to follow and eay to understand articles to read). You’ll also be invited to engage with our communities.

When I learned that bitcoin was created to prevent another mortgage crisis, I was eager to learn more. At a time when my parents , who had always done “the right thing,” were forced to borrow money from my sister and I, I wanted to understand finance and how easily the “system” could fail hardworking people. Like most, once I spent more than a few hours researching, I fell in love with the concept of a globally backed, finite currency. Since then, so much has happened in this world that drove home that feeling that an open financial community is so much better than a few mega companies with government reps in their pockets.

Defi or Decentralized finance and NFTs are going to be the next wave of the future. Similar to the way that the masses were forced to adopt the use of the internet, I believe that defi and nfts will mimic that mass adoption. Familiarizing yourself with each of these now will put you way ahead of the curve.


This is our most common question. We aren’t able to make decisions for you like a traditional financial advisor would. We will simply help guide you and educate you so you’re better equipped to make the correct financial decisions. The feeling you have of being overwhelmed by finances and/or money will disappate once you take one small step and join our community.

We recommend joining the Upcity VIP group which grants you access to Altcoin Avenue as well as our newsletters and webinars. By utililizing these resources, and being active in our community, you’ll quickly become the go-to crypto guru in your circle of friends.


There’s a look you get when you explain something to someone who’s having that “a-ha” moment. This happens often in the crypto space. We really like when that happens.

There are ups and downs in this space. Depending on when you dive in, you’re experience may be completely different than someone who dove in at a different time. Society makes you impulsive and feel rushed. Stick it out with us for a few months to see what happens when your money works for you, not your bank.

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