Our leaders launched upcity with one vision.

Four professionals from backgrounds in Corporate Finance, Legal, Venture Capital, Tax, Real Estate, and FinTech joined forces to create a network of industry experts to help you get the most out of your crytpo journey.



Mark became disenchanted by his corporate finance job after seeing how greed dominated morality. This experience ignited passion for the level playing field offered by the evolving crypto space. He amassed enough knowledge to allow him to break the shackles of the 9-5 without a backwards glance, and the freedom to chart his own path. He's our cartographer and aspires to be your crypto sherpa.


Serial FinTech entrepreneur and an Award-Winning Operations and Business Strategy Leader. Catherine has been on both sides of the table - as founder and investor. Her journey went from working in Venture Capital within the DFJ/Tim Draper’s global fund network to launching one of the first licensed funding portals that opened up private investment opportunities to non-accredited investors. Currently, she works with blockchain communities, venture studios, pre-IPO deal syndicates, venture funds and angel investor groups to continue lifting wealth-generation barriers. When she’s not cooking up something amazing for Upcity, she’s in the kitchen cooking better than your grandmother.


Dan climbed the corporate ladder quickly, learning what not to do along the way. He realized during the COVID outbreak of 2019 that there was a greater purpose for his life, and quickly recognized that blockchain technology and the pending financial revolution provided the opportunity to positively impact the world. Dan’s passions lie in promoting financial literacy and inclusion for everyone on a global scale. Dan now works for Upcity full time as a technical analyst and community leader.
On weekends, he is the life of the party and DJs the hottest spots in the city. When he’s not dropping beats, he’s dropping knowledge about the next breakout move to the Upcity Community.


April owns and operates a law firm and title company and is often slowed down and frustrated by governmental and corporate red tape. Her dream is a world where red tape is replaced by a blockchain rainbow that anyone can ride on quickly and efficiently. She cashed out her entire IRA and put it into crypto 5 years ago and never looked back. Helping clients navigate the crypto space in estate and tax planning, she is our tax guru and our legal navigator. She holds a certification in Blockchain Technology and Digital Assets from Wharton Business School and leads the area in estate planning for people with digital assets, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs. She is the coolest nerd you’ll ever meet.

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